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Am I in a museum? or a co-working space?

Am I in a museum? or a co-working space?

The difference between co-working spaces in Gamla Stan (Old Town) and others might be the atmosphere of the workspaces.

Previously, I introduced a co-working space in Gamla Stan. Today I’d like to introduce another unique co-working space in Gamla Stan, The Castle.


SLOTTET (Castle in Swedish)

Photo: The Castle (Facebook)

Address: Slottsbacken 8, 111 30, Stockholm, Sweden
Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 6am ~ 8pm/ Saturday – Sunday: 8am ~ 5pm

The Castle is a co-working space located across from the Swedish royal palace in Gamla Stan.

The characteristic of this co-working space is its artistic environment and some fun activities provided for members such as yoga, meditation, kickboxing, etc. Additionally, even a gym and a sauna are offered for members.

The building is so historical (dating back to 1650) that you feel as if you’re in a museum.

In fact, they’ve tried to harmonize their workspace with the most famous tourist hotspot Gamla Stan, which makes them very special and differ from ordinary co-working spaces.


Diverse and Well-balanced by Gender

One of co-founders Jesper Lejfjord is also an entrepreneur who founded a social business in Laos.

(World Volunteer is the company he founded creating sustainable tourism businesses.)

In an interview, Jesper mentioned that they tried to create a place where members feel comfortable to work and live the way they want.

So members’ satisfaction is incredibly high.


Photo: The Castle (Website)


In addition, since the Castle hasn’t targeted a specific group, the members are very diverse and well-balanced by gender.



Like other co-working spaces, they offer different types of membership.

Price List

Fixed desk

5200 kr/month

Flexible desk full time

3400 kr/month

Flexible desk 2 days/week

2200 kr/month

Low income full time

2500 kr/month

Low income 2 days/week

1500 kr/month

(Priced per member in the room. Minimum 4 members)

from 20.800 kr/month


Additional Services

Free conference rooms 2h/room & week included
 Conference rooms hours & packages 200 kr/h
 B&W USB printer Included
 Super printer 1kr/p. (color) 0,3kr/p. (B/W)
 Gym & gym classes 200 kr/month ex. VAT
 Adjustable desk 300 kr/month
 Locker 250 kr/month


If you are looking for a unique and very Swedish co-working space, The Castle will be attracting you!

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