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【Japan Guide】What is the Banshu Region in Hyogo?

【Japan Guide】What is the Banshu Region in Hyogo?

Banshu is situated in the southwest region of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

More than 20 cities and towns are included in this beautiful region with a rich history, attracting up to 40 million visitors a year.

Rich History

Banshu was established in the 7th century.

Later, it became a province of Japan’s mainland Honshu and existed until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

Since one of the strongest Samurai Clans gained a foothold here, this area was geopolitically significant in the history of Japan.

Therefore, there are a number of historic buildings all over the region such as castles, temples, shrines, and so on.

Green Spaces

On the other hand, Banshu has not been overly urbanized.

Today, the region is renowned for its gorgeous green spaces.

For instance, various natural attractions can be found in the mountainous northern part of Banshu.

Recently, these areas have become known as a mecca of forest bathing.

Forest therapy events are often held by locals and have been booming.


Looking at the coastal areas in the southern part of Banshu.

They face Banshu Sea Area called “Harimanada”, an area of good fishing grounds within the Seto Inland Sea.

Water flowing in from the five large rivers called the “Harima Gosen” is rich in minerals and nutrition, producing large phytoplankton populations.

Accordingly, here, not only can you see beautiful scenery, but you can try a wide selection of seafood dishes.

So, welcome to Banshu!

If you like, check out the video as well!

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