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【Japan Guide】Banshu – Japan’s Unspoiled Traditional Towns in Hyogo Prefecture –

【Japan Guide】Banshu – Japan’s Unspoiled Traditional Towns in Hyogo Prefecture –

Suppose you are planning to come to the Kansai Region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara area) in Japan, but want to avoid human traffic jams.

Why don’t you consider visiting Banshu, the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture?

Hyogo has a variety of places of scenic beauty and historical interest as well as Kyoto and Osaka. Many of them are located especially in the southwest of the prefecture (Banshu), but are yet to be explored by foreign visitors.

Therefore, Banshu could be called “Anaba” (= a good unknown spot), allowing you to see Japan’s great unspoiled traditional towns.

Here, you can check out what they look like (No ads).

Banshu Guide

In the last several years, I have worked on “local tourism promotion” in Banshu, which is my hometown area.

I provided my photos and videos to many local tourism agencies and municipalities specifically.

I also share useful information about Banshu on my YouTube Channel (Banshu Oni Sanpo).

In order for Banshu to have more overseas visitors, I will post articles about Banshu on this blog as well from now on.

The tourism information will definitely help you have a better travel experience in Japan.

Check out the YouTube and subscribe to it!

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