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Author: Ochimusya

Japan’s Galápagos Syndrome

Nowadays, the number of entrepreneurs who left Japan has increased sharply. A majority of them experienced some sort of obstacles as Japan’s business environment required them to create concrete business models first and slowly and then to export them to foreign markets. In contrast, entrepreneurs in overseas startup markets pursue innovation greedily and change their business forms according to circumstances. Not to mention, they are aimed at targeting global markets all along. Therefore, the Japanese entrepreneurs who tried to venture here must have felt a large gap in the speed of the action between Japan and other countries. They can...

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Silicon Valley Venture and Innovation will be branching out in Kobe

This month, a very powerful startup supporter will be opening their first branch in Kobe, Hyogo. Silicon Valley Venture and Innovation (SVVI), a Silicon Valley-based startup support organization whose mission is to help international IT startups expand their markets in Japan and to conduct test marketing, will be starting their business in Kobe. 500 startups They aim to attract and support 100 startups (both domestic and international) in collaboration with the city of Kobe. Mr. Zafer Younis, the CEO of SVVI, had been a leader of a business development team in 500 Startups, an American VC, until last year. Why...

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The Latest Land Prices in Japan

Recently, I have done some research on the real estate pricing in Japan since a friend of mine (non-Japanese) is considering buying a land or real property. In the last several years, Japan has boomed internationally in terms of tourism and a whole bunch of people have visited popular (big) cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc. Now, this trend is changing and foreign visitors started paying their attention to and going to other big, middle-sized and small cities where not many non-Japanese tourists have visited in order to experience local cultures. This is actually what the Japanese government has expected...

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【SVC】Japanese listed startup firms invest in young startups

One of the biggest trends in the Japanese startup scene is that listed startup firms invest in startups in the early stage. As technological developments proceed such as the robot and AI and they have become more difficult to comprehend, financial institutions and large corporations are dependent on public startup companies due to their sharp eye for venture businesses. A wave of venture capital that startup firms play a leading role in investments is spreading in Japan. Real Tech Fund In 2015, Real Tech Fund, a fund with a great weight on offering financial support to R&D oriented startups,...

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Our income will decrease by 10% in 2020

In October, 2019, the consumption tax (VAT) is supposed to increase from 8% to 10% in Japan. Japan is well-known as the nation having the highest proportion of senior citizens. This requires us to face critical financial burdens for sustaining not only the pension system, but also the national health care system. Therefore, the 2%-increase in the consumption tax is not enough to cover these necessary expenses expected to rise substantially over the next 2 decades. Actually, there are a number of economists and business managers even claiming that the tax rate should be increased to 20% like Scandinavian...

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