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Author: Ochimusya

Support For UIJ Turn

Have you ever heard of UIJ Turn Phenomenon, a Japanese English word? U: To move to a countryside again after moving to a big city from a countryside I: To move to a medium-sized city after moving to a big city from a countryside J: To either move to a big city from a countryside or move to a countryside from a big city Nowadays, we Japanese have come to realize how the business centralization to some large cities has a potential to cause negative impacts when natural disasters. This year, we have experienced a big earthquake, strong typhoons,...

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Apply for Japan’s new one year startup visa 3 !!

The Japanese government has provided foreign entrepreneurs with a startup visa to prepare for their startups in Japan. Previously, I discussed what kind of documents you have to prepare to receive it. Actually, a number of people have contacted me to know more about the application process, which made me realize that still receiving the startup visa is very challenging for foreign entrepreneurs due to the guarantor issue. In Japan, when you sign a contract for office rent, you are required to have one to two Japanese cosigners. However, who can take such a big responsibility? Therefore, the government has...

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Dramatic Changes in People’s Lives in Japan

In the previous article, I discussed how sharing-economy services (businesses) have become popular among Japanese people, as we are desperate to cut down on daily expenses. However, why have Japanese people needed to be so frugal? This is the most common question that I have received from my foreign friends when I talk about the current economic or social situation. If you want to know more about it, it is better for you to look into the microeconomy in Japan rather than macroeconomy like GDP. Today, I will discuss dramatic changes in our lives in terms of income. I...

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The scale of the sharing economy in Japan reached $5B

According to the Cabinet Office, the scale of the sharing economy in Japan reached ¥470B ~ ¥525B in 2016 and has still expanded substantially. In addition, they also mentioned that ¥95B ~ ¥135B were not included in Japan’s GDP. Therefore, they will keep conducting the study of the sharing economy and aim to include it in the GDP when a revision of GDP standard is implemented in 2020. Space, Transfer, Goods, Skill and Money The Cabinet divided the sharing economy into 5 different types such as space, transfer, goods, skill and money. Here is their examples. ・Space: Private home...

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Is this Hawaii? No, this is the Takeno Blue

Did you think that this photo was taken in Okinawa? Well, while my friends go to Okinawa, Phuket, Bali, etc, I went to Takenohama Beach in Toyooka, Hyogo. Toyooka is not so far away from my hometown Himeji and it takes about 2 hours by car. It is widely recognized that beaches located on the side of the Sea of Japan are much more beautiful than beaches located on the side of the Pacific Ocean. However, even among the Japan Sea beaches, Takenohama is regarded as one of the best beaches and based on my experience, I would say...

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