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【Ochimusya Drive Tour 1】Mt. Takamikura (the Narui Route)

【Ochimusya Drive Tour 1】Mt. Takamikura (the Narui Route)

If you feel tired of hanging around big cities for just shopping, I recommend that you should try hiking in Japan.

Since forests account for 2/3 of the entire land in Japan, there are a number of hiking spots and you can see how local people enjoy their weekends from it.

If you are in Kobe or somewhere in the Kansai district, drop by Kakogawa, only a 15-minute train ride away from there. Then, you can see Mt. Takamikura, which is my most favorite hiking place.

Only a 30-minute walk will enable you to see a scenic landscape.

Mt. Takamikura

Here is the Mt. Takamikura Narui route’s parking lot. Approximately, 15 to 16 cars can be parked in this area.

However, even if there is no space, you are allowed to park your car on the street like this.

Only 30 Minutes

After passing the parking lot, you can see these stone pillars. Here is the entrance of the Narui route. It looks so cool.

The red sign says, “1000 more meters to the top.” It sounds like tough. However, the route is very well-organized so that you just need to go upstairs.

This stone monument tells you where you are now. For instance, the Narui route’s top is “十五丁(15)” and now we are at “三丁(3)”. This means that we have already finished 1/5 of this hiking.

This flower bed makes us realize the route is actually taken good care of by someone. We have to appreciate it.

Even though here is in the middle of Takamikura, this beautiful scenery can already be seen.

A Rocky Tract

Then, once reaching 十五丁(15), you will be able to see the sky. And …

Here you are! You can see this nice view. The blue sky, sea, mountains, cities, literally everything can be seen from here!

If you look at this direction, you can see Kobe, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

And the opposite direction allows you to see Himeji, well-known for Himeji castle.

This is the most famous spot in Mt. Takamikura. It looks like a human’s face. Many people take photos in front of it.

Reaching the Top

This is the top of Mt. Takamikura. Can you believe that you just went upstairs for 30 minutes? Then, you are already at the top.

However, this is the reason Mt. Takamikura has been so much loved by local people.

Hiking itself is very easy. Men and women of all ages come here not only for enjoying exercise but also for strengthening family bonds.

I personally come here on Saturday in order to dehydrate since I usually drink a lot on Friday night. If you see a man who is soaked in sweat here, it is me (Ochimusya).

Come to Hyogo!

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