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The true reason why Japan has not implemented lockdown yet.

The true reason why Japan has not implemented lockdown yet.

On April 7th, Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe officially declared a state of emergency.

However, still this is not “lockdown” at all and the government will not force service providers like restaurants, gyms, karaoke pubs to stop operating their businesses.

It is just like “I am advising you not to open your shops” or “Can you stop operating your business for a while, please?”.

Needless to say, this will hardly work out in order for the virus outbreak to be settled.

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How does this affect our economy?

Even if this is not an effective measure to counter the virus issue, people are expected to refrain from going outside.

To be more precise, we will stop enjoying our daily activities like going to gyms, dining out, going to English schools, etc.

Then, what will happen to these service providers?

Well, the government mentioned that they will provide financial support if they testify their sales took a nose dive due to COVID-19.

Other than that, the subsidies would not be given, but the application of this is so complicated to understand that it will force many people to give it up.

What an incompetent politicians …

Why not lockdown?

However, have not you wondered why Japan really does not want to implement lockdown?

What is behind it?

According to a former Governor of Tokyo, it is very tough to make a decision of it unless “the country (the government)” does it.

Lockdown is basically compulsory execution as you know. Therefore, under the lockdown, no one can open their businesses and many can be expected to go bankrupt, lose their jobs and struggle with living.

In this case, these people who lost their businesses can sue “the person” who implemented lockdown.

【Beautiful Japan】Japanese Lamp(LED)縦格子行燈

This does not mean they sue the country, government, prefecture and city either. They need to sue an individual politician or governor or mayor.

If a Mayer or a prefectural governor does it, they might be sued and If they want to avoid being sued, they have to bail out all of the service providers.

However, each city (or prefecture) does not have enough financial supply. At the end of the day, they need to ask the government to allocate money to them.

Did you get it?

If the government carried out lockdown and provided financial support, none of them will take the case to the court.

In other words, this government really really really really really does not want to spend money in order to help this type of small businesses which have dramatically increased in the last several years for dealing with a sudden increase in inbound promoted by the government.

Accordingly, the lockdown has not even been considered yet.

As this lukewarm consequence can be expected to continue, all of the business activities in Japan will be going through a deep recession for a while.

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