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How much did it cost to study in Sweden?

How much did it cost to study in Sweden?

When I was considering studying entrepreneurship abroad, what I cared about was the  5 important factors and how much I would be spending.

I guess for people considering starting up a new business, the cost issue is a life-and-death matter because you always need to be financially ok no matter if your company is funded by investors or yourself.

In Sweden, not only local people, but also EU/ *EEA citizens are exempt from paying tuition fees while we Non-EU citizens have to pay for it…. (I’m Japanese…)
*EEA: European Economic Area

Relatively speaking, tuition fees for higher education in Sweden are reasonable, I mean, when compared with the U.S, Canada, the UK, etc.

Even so, I think we need to be sensitized to it and know how much it costs to study and live in Sweden.

So today, I’d like to share some information about the cost of taking an entrepreneurship program (Master) in Sweden and other countries that I calculated based on information provided by schools.


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Duration School Tuition Fees (SEK) Cost of Living (SEK) Total (SEK)
*1 Year Linnaeus  85,000 80,000  165,000
Uppsala 100,000 80,000 180,000
Lund 120,000 80,000  200,000
KTH 155,000 100,000 255,000
15 months *Hyper island  159,000   150,000  309,000
*2 Years Jönköping 240,000  192,000 432,000
Halmstad 246,000  192,000 438,000
Chalmers 280,000 236,040 516,040
Gothenburg 294,600 236,040 530,640
Kalorinska 360,000 240,000 600,000

*Hyper island: Digital Marketing (Part time)/ 1 Year Program = 10 months/ 2 Year Program = 24 months
*Kalorinska: Bioentrepreneurship

The total costs range from SEK 165,000 to 600,000 among the universities. In Sweden, 1 year Master program means that you study for just 10 months, so the cost of living looks very different between 1 year programs and 2 year programs since I set 24 months for latter ones.

The U.S. and U.K

Country Duration School Tuition Fees (SEK) Cost of Living (SEK) Total (SEK)
*The U.K 1 Year Lancaster 182,000 126,672 308,672
Manchester 192,400 120,380 312,780
Nottingham 197,028 126,568 323,596
Sheffield 202,800 126,672 329,472
Edinburgh 219,440 129,480 348,920
*The U.S. Imperial 280,800 154,315 435,115
San Francisco 367,200 114,640 481,840
USC 369,824 138,872 508,696
Babson 412,320 146,208 558,528
Michigan 456,096 161,040 617,136

*BP1 = SEK10.4/ US$1 = SEK8

First of all, the reason why I picked up British and American universities is that generally speaking, studying in the States and England are the most popular among students.

Looking at the diagram, apparently, studying entrepreneurship in the U.S is way more expensive than the U.K.

However, the costs are not as different as the tuition fees in terms of the cost of living between the 2 countries.


Making a Comparison

When comparing the universities in these 3 countries, it can be clearly seen that the difference in cost is huge among them.

For instance, the total costs amount to SEK617,136 if you study entrepreneurship at Michigan University in the States while it’s estimated to be SEK165,000 as for Linnaeus University.

With regard to 2 year Master programs in Sweden, they are competitive with 1-year programs in the U.S.

The British schools don’t cost as much as American universities, but basically, they are also expensive to study. In fact, there is no Swedish university whose 1-year entrepreneurship program is more expensive than the British schools.


You get what you pay for?

As I mentioned previously, Swedish education system is not as intense as the U.K and U.S.

In other words, I didn’t take as many classes in Sweden as my friends did in the U.K and U.S. Therefore, it should be cheaper than others for sure.

If you really want to be busy with intensive classes, I don’t recommend Sweden to you. However, when it comes to costs, Swedish universities don’t require you to spend a lot!


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