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List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 3

List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 3

In the last 2 posts (List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 1&2), I introduced 83 startup companies designated as next unicorn startups having large potentials to grow.

The rest of the (next unicorn) startups are 25 companies in biotech, materials, energy, healthcare and others. 

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Biotechnology/ Materials/ Energy

Headquarters/ Business/ Capital/ The number of employees

Anaer pharma Science
Tokyo/R&D of new medicine / ¥100M/ 18

Kobe/ Carbon fiber/ ¥300M/ 23

Exergy Power Systems
Tokyo/ Development of storage battery/ ¥100M/ 20

Tokyo/ Website of electricity comparison/ ¥1.3B/ 47

Tokyo/ Development of lithium-ion battery/ ¥31.5B/ 334

Curadim Pharma
Tokyo/R&D of new medicine / ¥1.3B/ 4

Green Earth Institute
Tokyo/ Green chemicals / ¥200M/ 17

Quantum Biosystems
Tokyo/ DNA sequencing / ¥1.6B/ 22

NExT-e Solutions
Tokyo/ New battery system/ ¥1.6B/ 16

Fukuoka/ Development of nucleic acid medicine/ ¥1.4B/ 29

Microwave Chemical
Osaka/ Efficient production of chemical compounds/¥3.6B/ 41

Tokyo/ Solar power system/ ¥700M/ 220

Kyoto/ Energy storage technology/ ¥100M/ 34

iPS Potal
Kyoto/ R&D of new medicine with iPS/ ¥1.6B/ 24

Tokyo/ LIMEX products (paper alternatives)/ ¥5.1B/ 80


Healthcare/ Others

Headquarters/ Business/ Capital/ The number of employees

Tokyo/Support for development of new businesses/ ¥10M/ 20

Integrity Healthcare
Tokyo/ Support for doctors’ medical examinations/ ¥500M/ 34

Kyoto/ Development of precision metal mold/ ¥100M/ 25

Tokyo/ Funeral service/ ¥1B/ 60

Medical Note
Tokyo/ Support for medical institutes’ management

Tokyo/ Telediagnosis service/ ¥300M/ 18

Tokyo/ Medical Healthcare/ ?/ 188

Life is Tech!
Tokyo/ IT education for teenagers/ ¥500M/ 600

Tokyo/ Remodeling/ ¥500M/ 198

Tokyo/ Support for diet/ ¥2.2B/ 230


22 have already surpassed ¥10B

Among the 108 startups, there’re 22 companies whose market capitalization has already surpassed ¥10B. Here’s the top 10.

(Company/ Estimated company’s value)

  1. Preferred Networks/ ¥232.6B (Unicorn)
  2. Mercari/ ¥147.9B (Unicorn)
  3. sansan/ ¥50.5B
  4. Eliily Power/ ¥40.4B
  5. Freee/ ¥39.4B
  6. BIZRESCH/ ¥333.8B
  7. TBM/ ¥29.2B
  8. FiNC/ ¥22.5B
  9. RakSul/ ¥21.9B
  10. BONAC/ ¥21.7B

It can be clearly seen that the list of top startups was dominated by companies working on AI or IT businesses.

Preferred Networks was funded by TOYOTA in 2017 (¥10.5B)

Japan Venture Research, a Tokyo-based research agency, investigated 1,000 unlisted Japanese startup companies about their funding. According to their investigation, in 2016, the total funding of the 1,000 startups reached ¥210B, a 20% increase compared with the year earlier and the highest in history.

It’s still just 2~3% of the amount of investment in startup companies in the U.S. However, since a number of companies (or industries) are in transition, traditional large enterprises like TOYOTA have started funding or cooperating with startups in order to acquire innovative next-generation technologies.

So, the startup environment has begun to change in Japan.

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