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Incredible Swedish Society

Incredible Swedish Society

The Major Premise

I have lived in Sweden for just six months, but I can already say that this country is really unique and different from my country (Japan) in a good sense.

Sweden’s major premise can be said to be “Saving Humans”.

  • They have a fair society where people make efforts to never make any loss.
  • Inevitable expenses and burdens are basically aided by the government.
  • Therefore, in any case, people are able to live basic lives as human beings.

It can be clearly seen that a number of benefits are provided equally by the government in Sweden.


Unemployment benefit

For 300 days, unemployment benefits are assured by the government.

  • For the first 200 days = 80% of previous salary
  • For the rest of 100 days = 70% of it

If you have a child below 18 years of age, it will be extended for 150 more days. (70% of previous salary)

A maximum amount of it is fixed, so people in the high-income bracket are not able to receive 80% and as the case may be, even 70% of previous salary could be the benefit.

Prevention of moral hazard is addressed. (Technically speaking, Japan has no system for this)

In order to receive the unemployment benefit, there is a condition, aggressive job-hunting and taking vocational training (as needed).

As time goes by, the amount of unemployment benefits will be cut down.

Unemployed people are not able to turn down job proposals offered by job placement offices without sufficient reasons. Otherwise, the unemployment insurance will be cut down or stopped.


Sickness and disability

A variety of supports are provided to disabled people in order to be able to work smoothly.

The risk of unemployment and sickness is not always caused by people’s irresponsible behaviors. Therefore, social security is offered as an unemployment benefit.

Elderly people having no family to rely on and not enough saving are forced to live miserable lives in their old age. Therefore, self-governing bodies are responsible to offer welfare services.

This is a reasonable system which can help women continue to work because they tend to be providers of home care.


Welfare for elderly people

Sweden is one of a few countries which did not join WW2. Therefore, there was no loss of the younger generation during the war.

As a result, Sweden faced the issue of an aging society at an early stage.
(perhaps earlier than Japan)

Then, the welfare service has been enhanced.

In order for people to take care of elderly people, there are many options  such as

  • Nursing care at home
  • Nursing care at institutions for the aged
  • A short stay in a nursing home

The Swedish government realizes how tough taking care of elderly people at home is especially if they have severe ills like dementia and how negatively it affects family’s life.

To be continued …


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