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Month: March 2018

Apply for Japan’s new one year startup visa 2 !!

One of the articles that has got a large number of views in the last several months is “Apply for Japan’s new one year startup visa !!“, and it is great to know that foreign people are interested in launching their businesses in Japan. In the article, I just touched on the new type of startup visa. So, today, I would like to share what kind of documents you are going to need to prepare for the startup visa application and will be discussing its application process (in Tokyo). Basically, there will be six steps and you must pass...

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The Best Guide for Design Thinking

In the previous post “EIT Health Innovation Day“, I touched on what “Design Thinking” is and how it was applied to work on the EIT Health challenges. Just recently, I had an opportunity to demonstrate the procedure of this methodology. So, I needed to review it in order to explain how we would be able to generate new ideas with this method. I have attended several Design Thinking events and have been provided explanations of the methodology. Based on my experience, the best guideline (explanation) was EIT Health Innovation Day 2016’s YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I am not sure if...

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Japan’s one of the most successful VCs is a strong financial supporter of startups in Hongo Valley

In the previous post “Hongo Valley has become an epicenter of student entrepreneurs”, I discussed Hongo Valley’s success in producing student entrepreneurs from the University of Tokyo. In fact, the number of startups launched from the school ranked first (198) among all of the Japanese universities in 2015 according to the latest report. This was followed by the University of Kyoto (86) and the University of Osaka (77), showing that Tokyo University has stood out from other top-ranked schools in terms of quantity. When you look at Tokyo University’s (Hongo Valley’s) startup ecosystem, you can see each supporter has an...

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Hongo Valley has become an epicenter of student entrepreneurs

The other day, I discussed “Bit Valley” as the most famous IT startup hub in Tokyo. Actually, there’s another startup “valley” in Tokyo where a number of startup businesses are launched every year, Hongo Valley. Hongo is one of the areas in Bunkyo district, Tokyo, well-known for the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo. In the past, a majority of graduates of Tokyo University usually became governmental officials or public servants. However, in recent years this has changed and it can be seen a number of Tokyo graduates have chosen becoming entrepreneurs. Now, you could see a lot...

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It is expected that a Chinese company will buy out Acne Studios

Photo: Just recently, it’s been unveiled that Jonny Johansson and Mikael Schiller, Acne Studios’ co-founders, have asked Goldman Sachs to begin looking for a potential acquiring company according to a report by WWD. Acne Studios has been at the height of its popularity all over the world, and been recognized one of the most high-flying fashion brands in recent years. As I mentioned previously in “How to buy Acne Studios clothing cheaply”, they’ve enhanced their reputation in Asian markets too, and been unimaginably popular (you could even sell Acne’s shopping tote bag). Their current net income is over 200M euro yearly, and still...

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