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Month: January 2018

China Power 2

In China, there’re 3 legendary figures, Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba), Huateng Ma (CEO of Tencent) and Mingzhe Ma (CEO of Ping An Insurance). In the previous post, I mentioned that Tencent and Alibaba ranked 5th and 8th in the world regarding market capitalization. Ping An Insurance didn’t rank in the top ten, but their market cap has already surpassed $101B and become one of the largest insurance firms around the world. Therefore, people call them “3 Ma” as if it’s a battle of who will establish hegemony over the country (like Epic of Three Kingdoms).   A World Startup Power...

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China Power

Apple: $880B Alphabet (Google): $819B Microsoft: $712B Amazon: $663B Tencent: $590B Facebook: $571B Berkshire Hathaway: $531B Alibaba: $509B …. This is the latest list of publicly traded corporations having the greatest market capitalization as of January 29, 2017. If you’re American, you might be proud of the fact that a majority of the companies are from the U.S. On the other hand, we Asian people are really surprised by the remarkable progress of Chinese tech firms. In fact, there’re 59 unicorn startups in China, which accounts for 80% of the whole Asian unicorns according to CB Insights. Since Alibaba’s...

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The bond between the city of Himeji and France has been strengthened 2

One of the biggest reasons why Himeji has been very popular among French tourists is that the city isn’t as big as other metropolitan cities where shops and restaurants are always packed with a whole bunch of both domestic and international people. Due to this fact, visitors are able to enjoy hanging around the city. Actually, many French tourist agencies have chosen Himeji as the first destination because Himeji is thought to be a decent-sized city where tourists can get used to Japan’s life. My French friends also told me that the most important thing when choosing a holiday...

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The bond between the city of Himeji and France has been strengthened

As I mentioned before, the number of international visitors to Himeji castle has risen significantly since the restore was completed in 2015. I’ve also been there many times, as my foreign friends came over to Himeji and I wanted to show them around the city. Through my visit to the castle, I also realized that a majority of foreign visitors whom I talked to were neither native English speakers nor Asian people surprisingly. Many of them were actually from France. In fact, just recently the Himeji castle management office figured out that the French brochure of Himeji castle provided at the gate increased...

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How to deal with Japanese workers

The other day, when I was doing my work at a cafe, I heard two men sitting just next to me talk about how to communicate with their co-workers. A man who was asking for advice seemed to be a Chinese business person (a fluent Japanese speaker) who just started working in Japan and the other was his Japanese friend.   Chinese: I don’t know how to convey my feelings to other Japanese co-workers especially when our opinions conflict. Japanese: How long have you worked for the company? Chinese: For about three months. Japanese: Oh, just three months. You...

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