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Month: November 2017

The most impressive startup project in 2017

It may be a little bit early to decide which startup or venture project amazed me most this year, but there is 1 that I really really want to introduce to you. On September 16, a new type of restaurant was opened as a challenge in Roppongi, Tokyo only for 3 days and it drew public attention. The name of the restaurant is “The Restaurant of Order Mistakes” (Chumon Wo Machigaeru Ryoriya)  Every waiter has dementia Photo: @ORDER.MISTAKES (Facebook) “The Restaurant of Order Mistakes” …? The reason why this project (restaurant) was very much in the public eye was that...

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Acne Studios and TOMWOOD might help you become rich in Japan

In the previous 2 posts, I discussed how popular Acne Studios, a Swedish fashion brand, is in Japan. In order for Acne to succeed in branching out into the Japanese market, they began selling their jeans in collaboration with Tomorrowland, one of the most successful fashion brands in Japan. Tomorrowland has been regarded as a trendsetter. Therefore, not only young people, but middle-aged people also follow their fashion style. Needless to say, what they’ve imported really attracted their customers. Actually, I’m not sure if Tomorrowland approached Acne about selling their goods in Japan, but the most important thing is...

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List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 3

In the last 2 posts (List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 1&2), I introduced 83 startup companies designated as next unicorn startups having large potentials to grow. The rest of the (next unicorn) startups are 25 companies in biotech, materials, energy, healthcare and others.    Sponsored Link Biotechnology/ Materials/ Energy Company Headquarters/ Business/ Capital/ The number of employees Anaer pharma Science Tokyo/R&D of new medicine / ¥100M/ 18 INCUBATION ALLIANCE INC Kobe/ Carbon fiber/ ¥300M/ 23 Exergy Power Systems Tokyo/ Development of storage battery/ ¥100M/ 20 enechange Tokyo/ Website of electricity comparison/ ¥1.3B/ 47 ELIIY Power Tokyo/...

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List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan 2

In the previous post, I shared the information about 31 fast-growing startup companies expected to become unicorns in high tech fields such as AI, IoT, ICT and Fintech. Today, I’ll introduce 53 startup firms also in several growing industries (robot, space, mobility, e-commerce and internet service).   Robot/ Space/ Mobility CompanyHeadquarters/ Business/ Capital/ The number of employees ASTROSCALE Singapore/ Removal of space garbage/ ¥6B/ 32 Infostellar Tokyo/ Sharing satellite antenna/ ¥900M/ 12 WHILL Yokohama/ Development of electric wheelchair/ ?/ 50 seven dreamers laboratories Tokyo/ Automatic laundry folding robot/ ¥7.7B/ 119 TERRA MOTORS Tokyo/ Production of electric motorcycle/ ¥1.6B/ 300...

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List of next unicorn startup companies in Japan

Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters Unicorn is a startup company valued at over $1 billion. The term was coined in 2013 by a venture capitalist Aileen Lee, an American seed investor who was a venture capital investor before. She chose the mythical animal to represent the statistical rarity of such successful ventures. According to TechCrunch, there were 267 unicorns as of September 25, 2017.   World Top 20 Unicorn Startups Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images Company Country/ Post Money Value/ Total Equity Funding/ Market 1. Uber USA/ $62.5B/$8.6B/ Transportation 2. ANT Financial China/ $60B/ $4.5B/ Financial Services 3. Did Chuxing China/$50B/ $13B/ Consumer Internet 4. Xiaomi China/$45B/ $1.1B/ Hardware...

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