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Maneki’s Ekisoba is the best noodles around the world 2

Maneki’s Ekisoba is the best noodles around the world 2

Since I was suffering from allergies in my childhood, I had to leave school early and go to a clinic in a different city for a couple of years.

The small boy missed a number of school activities and had to spend 2 hours going to the clinic, which tired him out not only mentally but also physically.

However, what makes this tough time turn out to be a good memory is Maneki’s Ekisoba.


Ekisoba and Obachan

Photo: Maneki Foods

After an-hour treatment, I was allowed to eat Ekisoba on the train platform on my way back home. Maybe the situation that an elementary school student was eating Ekisoba at 5 pm looked unusual, so an Obachan (a middle-aged female server) asked me why I came here always and I explained my condition.
The Obachan seemed to feel sorry for that and tried to encourage me with her smile.

In addition, she gave me Ebiten (prawn tempura) sometimes in order to cheer me up.


Her heart-warming hospitality and consideration helped me tolerate the treatment and enabled me to forget the tough time.

In other words, eating Maneki Ekisoba was the only pleasure back then and this compensated for many things that I missed at school.


Unique Combination

Photo: Maneki Foods

Besides the personal sentimental value, the taste of Maneki soba is also very unique and amazing. Previously, I mentioned that I’m a ramen geek, but I’m also crazy about other types of noodles, meaning I’ve tried a number of udon and soba (buckwheat noodles) as well.

However, I’ve never come across such a tasty wafu (Japanese style) soup. Moreover, the most famous characteristic of Maneki soba is its combination.

Maneki Ekisoba is well-known as a unique combo of different noodle meals.

Noodles = “Ramen Noodles

Soupe = “Wafu Dashi” (Japanese style soup usually for udon or soba)

Ramen noodles

Wafu Dashi Soup/ Photo:

Some noodle geeks who’ve never tried Maneki might claim that it’s an evil way and mismatch, but I would say this “mismatch” has realized such a wonderful taste and we’ve been addicted to it for decades.

Needless to say, it’s so different from ramen.


Maneki hardly makes you gain weight

Ramen is absolutely great. After drinking a lot, a majority of Japanese men (some women too) go eat ramen to wrap up.

You ordered Tonkotsu ramen, rice and maybe one more beer. Oh, char-siu pork (pork stewed in soy sauce) is so tasty that you can’t even remove its fat.

Ramen + Rice + Beer → (><)

Furthermore, since the soup is very rich, you can’t help drinking it all. But imagine that.  What’s happening to you next day? You’ll just regret it while rubbing your belly.

On the other hand, Maneki soba isn’t as heavy as ramen since the soup is made out of dried fish. I usually order a big helping of tempura Ekisoba, but I’ve never felt stuffed (I do terribly when I eat ramen after drinking).

Photo: Maneki Foods

In addition, the price is also reasonable. While ramen mostly costs ¥700 (or more) anywhere, Maneki soba (regular one) costs just ¥360!

Why is it so cheap!?

This is related to the origin of Ekisoba.

To be continued …

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