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Author: Ochimusya

How unique the business environment in Sweden is

The promotion of industrialization Sweden’s strong economy achieved by the promotion of industrialization supports the “Saving Humans” aspect of the Swedish society. The country supports business activities. On the other hand, the government is thoroughly in a capitalist economy.   Background 1/ the failure of “70’s hardship’ Delays of a structural reform of industries and technological innovation were caused by bailing out key industries including the shipbuilding and the steel industries during the 1stoil shock. Therefore, the government decided to never bail out declining industries, instead grope for *growth implemented by innovation such as environment, energy, pharmaceutical, and medical instruments. Unproductive enterprises which lost...

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Incredible Swedish Society 2

Pension In Sweden, the more people earn money, the more they can receive the pension in the future. The pension is sort of a financial instrument that people are allowed to cancel the time deposit and use the money when they become old. We can call it a very effective way of saving up money. Self-employed people pay money for the fee of annuity insurance, depending on income they declare. This system has resulted in improving an incentive of declaring income correctly. Only people who have lived in Sweden for 40 years can receive the full amount of the pension....

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Incredible Swedish Society

The Major Premise I have lived in Sweden for just six months, but I can already say that this country is really unique and different from my country (Japan) in a good sense. Sweden’s major premise can be said to be “Saving Humans”. They have a fair society where people make efforts to never make any loss. Inevitable expenses and burdens are basically aided by the government. Therefore, in any case, people are able to live basic lives as human beings. It can be clearly seen that a number of benefits are provided equally by the government in Sweden.   Unemployment benefit For...

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Welcome to Ochimusya Drive!

Hi, I’m Tada, a 32 year old Sweden fanatic (I’m myself Japanese, though), and the host of this creepy website called Ochimusya Drive.   WTH is a Ochimusya? Perhaps most of you don’t know what Oshimusya (Ochimusha) is but have heard of Samurai. Ochimusya was regarded as a low-class citizen back in the Edo era, no longer at the level of a samurai inasmuch as he fled battle instead of committing Seppuku/Harakiri, meaning killing himself for honor. In some instances, it is said that to escape safely, those warriors hide themselves somewhere. For the last two years, I traveled and lived in North America, Europe...

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