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Month: June 2018

Japan’s attention-grabbing IPOs in the second half of 2018

Last month was like an IPO festival for Japanese people only because Japan’s sole unicorn startup Mercari went public. As I discussed, even people who had never owned stocks tried to get Mercari’s IPO shares and luckily some succeeded it. No matter Mercari’s stock price goes up or not, their IPO impacted the society a lot, as people realize that IPO is a big chance for us to increase assets easily. Obviously, a number of Japanese people have started to consider owning companies’ shares, which is beneficial for the country. This is because the more people own Japanese firms’...

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List of the most well-off medium-sized firms in Japan

Just recently, Nikkei has ranked 25 Japanese growing medium-sized firms that also have abundant cash reserves. These companies are expected to lead the Japanese economy to the targeted growth and to be sort of unsung heroes supporting large enterprises. The remarkable point is that a majority of the firms are concentrated in the medicine, semiconductor and nursing care industries, which are regarded as growing sectors in Japan. They have generated profits steadily, succeeded fund-raising, invested an abundance of money on R&D and accelerated the growth speed. All of them are listed companies. So, if you are looking for growing...

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The Result of 2018’s Largest IPO in Japan

The other day, I introduced 2018’s biggest IPO in Japan and how to apply for it. Yesterday, Mercari finally went public and it resulted in a great success. While the public offering price was ¥3,000, the opening price was ¥5,000, which showed how this IPO got a lot of attention. Since Mercari has been really popular with Japanese people, even people who had never owned a stock tried getting Mercari’s IPO stocks. At the end of the day, the domestic competition reached 50 times. You could tell how challenging it was. It increased the opening price substantially and the trading...

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How has Sweden incorporated IoT into their forests?

Today, it has been exactly a year since I came back to Japan from Sweden. As my air mileage will be expiring soon, I am now planning to visit Sweden for a little while again. Come to think of it, before coming back to Japan, one of my close Swedish friends Victor showed me around the suburbs of Stockholm by car because I really wanted to see how Sweden’s forests, internationally well-known as a natural heritage, looked like. The day was one of the most fun days in Sweden for me. In Sweden, 60% of the lands are covered...

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Is Japan against foreign platformers?

Just recently, Airbnb Japan has announced that all of the bookings arranged between guests and hosts who do not own a “Minpaku” (private home rental) license would be canceled between June 15 and 19. In order for people who are forced to change their travel plans due to this sudden cancelation, Airbnb will raise a ¥1.1B relief fund and financially support them to secure their accommodations, bear extra charges for changing their flight schedules, etc. Moreover, if they cannot find accommodations in Airbnb, JTB, Japan’s largest travel agency, will help secure substitute hotels and Airbnb will pay the difference....

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