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Month: September 2017

How to apply for a residence permit for studies at a Swedish university

You got a letter of acceptance, paid the tuition fee (in case you couldn’t get the scholarship), and next is applying for a residence permit. This is also one of the most significant preparations because if you enter Sweden without it, you might be forced to go back home. However, don’t worry about that. The process of the application was really simple and clear. So I was able to manage it very easily. I’ve applied for both residence permit and visa in the U.K, Germany, Canada and Sweden so far, but I’m 100% sure that Sweden was much easier...

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How to avoid paying tuition fees in Sweden

If you’re not an EU or EEA citizen, you’re required to pay tuition fees to study at a Swedish university. Even if the fees are not as expensive as American and British universities, fundamentally studying abroad costs much. Take me for example, according to the cost chart that I discussed the last time, I needed to spend SEK180,000 during my stay there, including tuition fees and cost of living. Needless to say, I spent more because of not only other necessary expenses like airfares, insurance, transportation fee, but also outside activities like attending startup events, visiting companies (not in...

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How to apply to Swedish universities

In Sweden, all of the applications for higher education are accepted by UAS (University Admissions in Sweden), the agency officially recognized by the government. Therefore, you need to submit all of the documents to UAS, including common documents and assignment documents required by individual universities to submit. Then, each university accesses to UAS and check them all. In other words, you’re not allowed to send the documents directly to individual universities. The result is announced 2 times as “First Notification” and “Second Notification” at the end of March and April respectively. I personally think that this system is really...

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How much did it cost to study in Sweden?

When I was considering studying entrepreneurship abroad, what I cared about was the  5 important factors and how much I would be spending. I guess for people considering starting up a new business, the cost issue is a life-and-death matter because you always need to be financially ok no matter if your company is funded by investors or yourself. In Sweden, not only local people, but also EU/ *EEA citizens are exempt from paying tuition fees while we Non-EU citizens have to pay for it…. (I’m Japanese…)*EEA: European Economic Area Relatively speaking, tuition fees for higher education in Sweden are reasonable,...

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The reason why Daniel Ek (Spotify) mentioned Hyper Island in his interview

Taking free entrepreneurship courses is a good way to enhance your entrepreneurial experience in Sweden as well as studying at university. As I discussed previously, we can experience many things that entrepreneurs are going to need to do such as pitching an idea, writing a business plan, developing the network, thinking about how to internationalize the business, etc. However, what’s missing from studying entrepreneurship in these ways is that we can rarely learn a specific methodology in order to solve entrepreneurial problems like how to deal with uncertainty. Handling the latter is fundamentally different from the former activities because...

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