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Month: December 2017

Japan’s “Karoshi” and Sweden’s 6-hour working day

Karōshi is a Japanese term, which can be translated as “overwork death”.  There are many causes of karōshi but mostly it is caused by a heart attack or stroke due to stress or an unhealthy diet. Then, there is also another type of negative consequence caused by Japan’s very obsolete work environment. A number of Japanese workers are kept under a lot of pressure or extreme stress by their co-workers or companies (bosses). As a result, they often get depressed and at worst, they sometimes commit suicide.   1. Chronic extreme stress Especially common in traditional industries or large enterprises, employees in Japan are micro-managed and often...

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Mottainai (what a waste) in the business field

Featured image: Amino/Magyeomie “Mottainai” is one of the buzzwords of the Japanese language expressing a sense of regret about waste, and it roughly means “what a waste!!” The mottainai spirit has been deeply rooted in Japanese culture for centuries since one of the earliest appearances of mottainai is in the book “Genpei Josuiki” in 1247. So, we could say that the concept is as old as the samurai spirit. In addition, the word mottainai has become an international concept. In fact, Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmentalist,  has promoted this concept as an international word because she could not find...

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“Startup Japan” is special treatment for entrepreneurs

The Japanese government has strived to create an entrepreneur-friendly environment in order to catch up with other countries. Just recently, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (the METI) has announced that they would establish a new framework in order for specific startup firms to be able to make use of national support system preferentially. Startup Japan The framework also includes the establishment of a new system that subsidizes startups for the implementation of investment in plant and equipment. The new framework is tentatively called the “Startup Japan” and will allow the METI to invest resources intensively in startups...

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Japan’s CVCs 2

In the previous posts, I shared the information about 18 corporate venture capitals (CVCs) in a variety of fields. Today, I’ll introduce 24 other CVCs (mostly in IT fields). IT ・YJ (Yahoo Japan) Capital Investment Stage: Middle ~ Late StageTotal fund capital: ¥26.5BInvestment Field: Mainly IT StartupsInvestment Region: The U.S., Japan, Israel and other Asian countries   ・Cyberagent Cyberagent, one of the most famous IT firms in Japan, has provided 3 different startup support programs depending on the stage.    1. SEED GENERATOR FUND Investment Stage: Seed Total Investment: ¥195M      2. Cyberagent Ventures Investment Stage: Seed ~ Early Total...

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Japan’s CVCs

In Japan, the role of large enterprises in the startup scene has also gotten bigger and bigger because a large amount of funds have flowed into startup companies from Corporate venture capitals (CVCs). CVC is the investment of corporate funds, but in many cases in Japan, large enterprises establish subsidiaries in a bit to focus on just investment work and we call these subsidiary companies CVC(s). U.S.A In the Unites States, VC’s flow of money is from fund to fund. In fact, about 5 ~ 10% of managed assets of pension funds are allocated to private equity including VC according to TechCrunch Japan....

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